Protection Sport

A broad spectrum, SPF 50, light weight and sheer formula is the perfect protection against prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays 

Soothing Shaving Cream

This lubricating cream helps make shaving easy and painless with no post-shave side effects 

Post Balm Shave

A cooling gel cream that aids in shortening post-shave recovery time, it effectively hydrates while also preventing ingrown hairs 

Charcoal Rescue Mask

This powerful activated charcoal mask detoxifies and brightens normal to dry skin 

Skin Health Heroes

A travel-sized trilogy of dermalogica favourites includes a cleanser, toner and primer perfect for on the go, quick and easy skin care 

Sheer Tint

A lightly tinted SPF20 daily moisturizer that helps protect your skin while providing sheer coverage for a radiant finish 

Dry Skin Kit

Everything you need to replenish and revive dry, flaky and tired skin from start to finish 

Precleanse Balm

Begin your skincare routine with this pre-cleanse balm to oil intended to melt away make-up and other impurities before cleansing

Skin Hydrating Mask

Revive your stressed, dry skin with this hydrating and refreshing face mask 

Soothing Eye Makeup Remover

Gently remove all eye and lip makeup impurities with this conditioning, oil-free, alcohol-free and water-soluble gel formula 

Total Eye Care

Conceal dark circles, reduce puffiness and dehydrated fine lines with this moisturizing and restoring SPF eye cream

Phyto Replenish Oil

A rapidly absorbing treatment oil that reinforces the skin's natural protective barrier while providing a dewy look alone or under makeup 

Skin Hydrating Booster

Give your skin a boost with this hydrating fluid containing hylauronic acid, panthenol, glycolipids and algae extracts relieve fine lines and dryness while restoring moisture balance 

Multi-Active Toner

A light refreshing mist to prepare and condition the skin before hydration 

Skin Smoothing Cream

Ideal for combination skin this medium weight cream restores moisture to the skin with its aloe and cucumber extracts 

Intensive Moisture Balance

An antioxidant, vitamin C rich cream that smooths damaged, dehydrated skin for ultimate replenishment and moisture 

Special Cleansing Gel

A gentle and refreshing foaming face wash that cleanses the skin of impurities while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance 

Daily Microexfoliant

A gentle rice-based exfoliant that removes dead skin cells leaving you with a fresher, smoother and brighter complexion 

Active Moist Oil-Free Moisturizer

With plant extracts this sheer, non-greasy formula helps replenish the skin to improve its texture and hydration 

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